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Kentucky Utilities - Ghent Generating Station

Controls Upgrade

The Kentucky Utilities Ghent Generating Station began commercial operation in 1973 with a net generating capacity of 2,000 megawatts.  All four of Ghent's generating units comply with the most stringent federal and state air, water, and waste regulations. KU's newest and largest coal-fired power plant, the units at Ghent's 1,700-acre site generate approximately 75% of KU's electricity-more than the company's other four coal-burning generating stations combined.

As the owner's engineering firm of choice, Kentucky Utilities leveraged PCI Skanska's diverse background in power generation control systems to develop the four units Controls System Specification. This allowed KU to make informed decisions concerning the best overall approach to the DCS Controls Modernization Project with regards to technology, system flexibility, maintainability, budget, implementation, and scheduling requirements for the five year scope of work.

KU and PCI Skanska encouraged early involvement of plant and production personnel in the controls vendor selection process. After meeting the stringent requirements of the specification, Emerson's Power & Water Solutions Division was selected as the controls vendor of choice.

The projects controls philosophy was to provide a complete control system design to operate all four units safely and efficiently over the unit's entire operating range. Accurate system documentation was developed and completed early in the project cycle to ensure a quality installation, seamless acceptance, and successful start-up.

The Ghent facility consists of two CE corner fired boilers and two FW wall fired boilers.  The following existing areas were part of the conversion to the Emerson Ovation DCS:

  • Complete conversion of each units S&L relay based motor control systems located within the Main Control Boards (MCS)
  • L&N Boiler Control (BCS)
  • Forney Burner Management (BMS)
  • Rochester Data Acquisition (DAS)
  • United Conveyor Ash Handling (AHS)
  • GE EHC Turbine Control (TCS)
  • Boiler Feed Pump Turbine Control (BFPT)
  • SCR and Tank Farm (AB Control Logix PLC’s)
  • United Conveyor Coal Handling (CHS)
  • Metso Scrubber and Ash Booster. (FGD)
  • Honeywell Burner Management (HPM)
  • Honeywell Data Acquisition (HPM)
  • Miscellaneous balance of plant systems

KU, PCI Skanska and Emerson engineered and installed a total of 58 redundant controllers, 27 ovation workstations, 5 eDB Historians, HART intelligent field devices, advanced steam temperature control, EDS, and the AMS Suite.

Over 39,000 I/O points were engineered, installed, tested, and controlled.  PCI Skanska created over 6600 new control, cabinet, and existing drawings of which 5300 were converted to complete AutoCAD from hardcopy scans to allow for the update of any required DCS information. 

The first two units were fully modernized by March of 2007, with all units completed and operational in June 2009.

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