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Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is a global leader in pharmaceutical and nutritional products with corporate headquarters and major manufacturing facilities located in Evansville, Indiana. The pharmaceuticals giant also operates a production plant and research facility, along with a warehousing hub which includes a seven-acre warehouse, in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Their stated mission – “to extend and enhance human life by providing the highest-quality health care products and services” – is vital to the over-all success of the company. And reliable, cost-efficient power is vital to the success of BMS’s corporate, manufacturing and warehousing operations.

BMS’s need to monitor, control and reduce energy consumption on a campus-wide medium voltage upgrade was the driving force behind a PCI Skanska-led SCADA project that began in 1992. The project, which started out with Power Measurement Ltd. (PML) 3710 and 3720 meters monitoring volts, amps, kw, kva, kvar, kwh, power factor, frequency, and harmonic distortion on 32 substations, evolved to include monitoring of water, steam and natural gas systems. Today, BMS operates an integrated SCADA system on more than fifty substations and sixty metering locations through its corporate TCP/IP network and a recently installed radio communication link.

PCI Skanska’s SCADA Solution Offers Several Benefits

Accounting - By tracking power consumption at the substation level, BMS can see exactly how much power is being used in a particular business unit. This information allows for more accurate cost-center billing, as well as revenue-accurate utility bill verification and better site planning capabilities.

Maintenance - Troubleshooting capabilities have improved by capturing data during unexpected disturbances, including harmonics, transients, sags/swells and other disruptions that can cause computers to crash, and damage or shut down vital equipment. The system records the waveforms, logs historical data, tracks load profiles, and makes the information available for analysis. This greater understanding of power quality issues has led BMS to smoother operations and fewer power-related disruptions.

Operating Efficiencies - Facility Engineering has increased operating efficiencies by monitoring power capacity trends throughout the plant to transfer loads during peak usage times.

Communications Solutions - To minimize system costs and improve the efficiency of the BMS Power Information SCADA system, PCI Skanska designed the communications link with our IM team using the company’s existing TCP/IP network infrastructure. The metering devices communicate with desktop workstations using Pegasys software, a powerful a powerful information management system that allows BMS to process, analyze, store, and share data across their entire network.

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